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I love the back brace. It works great. I had wonderful service fast delivery. I would definitely order from them again.
Harriet F.

I ordered some tens electrodes and a TENS unit from them for my fibromyalgia pain. It help me a lot.
Ben J.

Sitback Rest Lumbar Back Support Cushions Long days at the office, taking a long car ride to the relatives and sitting on a plane getting away for vacation- what do all of these have in common? You will find yourself seated for extended periods of time during each activity. Sitting down creates pressure on the spine and in particular, on the discs and curves in your back. Your spine is a big shock absorber, as you wald, run or do any activity, it flexes and bends to cushion the bouncing, reducing the overall shock to your body. Sitting for a long time distorts the curves and compresses the discs which do most of the shhock absorption and allow your spine to flex. All of this can cause pinching of the nerves in your spinal cord which can lead to numbness,m tingling and back pain. While you aren't going to be able to cut out sitting from your daily activities, a lumbar support cushion will help your create and maintain the proper spinal curve for your lower and middle back. our cushions are available in many different sizes, shapes and colors to accommodate your needs for a healthy back and healthy lifestyle. The popular Sitback Rest is a also available in a slimmer model, one with a wider backrest and another that is designed to work with the bucket seats in your car.

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