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I love the back brace. It works great. I had wonderful service fast delivery. I would definitely order from them again.
Harriet F.

I ordered some tens electrodes and a TENS unit from them for my fibromyalgia pain. It help me a lot.
Ben J.

Therapeutica® Sleeping Pillows are the only pillows that allow you to sleep on your back and/or side in the correct spinal alignment comfortably. We, at Therapeutica® Inc. , believe that we have developed the most unique sleeping pillow in the world. Features of the Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow: Unique, tri-level design incorporates two correct pillow shapes into one pillow to provide correct spinal alignment whether sleeping on our back or side. Surface channels provide air circulation. Soft, molded foam is non-allergenic and environmentally friendly.
Back Sleeping Therapy * Unique "Wedge Extension" supports your upper back.
* "Cervical Contour" maintains the natural curve of your neck.
* "Center Cavity" cradles head for optimal support and comfort. Side Sleeping Therapy * "Raised Side Sections" accommodate shoulder height.
* "Contoured Head Rests" keep your head and neck level.
* "Side Cavities" provide flexible cushioning, ensuring jaw comfort, essential for TMJ sufferers. FEATURES: - Two pillow shapes are incorporated into one with different heights for back and side sleeping.
- Unique wedge to support the upper back.
- Helps to eliminate sore and stiff neck problems from sleeping incorrectly.
- TMJ sufferers can comfortably sleep on their side.
- The pillow is patented for both design and function.
- Reduces snoring.
- Five year warranty not to lose shape or resilience.
- Comes with a free fitted polyester/cotton machine washable zippered pillow cover.
- Fits into a standard pillow case.
- Made of non-allergenic environmentally-friendly foam.
- Not only an investment in a pillow, but an investment in your future health. Sizes: Measure from neck to tip of shoulder: Child: Child Size, fits shoulders up to 4 1/4”
Petite: Petite Adult, fits shoulders 4 1/4”- 5 1/4”
Regular: Average Adult, fits shoulders 5 1/4”- 6 1/4”
Large: Large Adult, fits shoulders 6 1/4”- 7 1/4”
X-Large: X-Large Adult, fits shoulders 7 1/4” and up

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