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I love the back brace. It works great. I had wonderful service fast delivery. I would definitely order from them again.
Harriet F.

I ordered some tens electrodes and a TENS unit from them for my fibromyalgia pain. It help me a lot.
Ben J.

Sleepmatterzzz Pillows. The right pillow is the key to a good night’s sleep. Sleep Really DOES Matter! Sleeping and lying down can sometimes make you stiff. The reason, pressure points. Pressure points build where the body makes contact with a surface, cutting off your blood supply. The result - pain, discomfort, and a poor night's sleep. Unique therapeutic design and ROHO® Shape Fitting Technology® combine for ultimate pressure relief and support. Sleepmatterzzz® pillows are engineered with patented air-cell technology in order to reduce pressure points, and maintain blood flow and proper spinal alignment throughout the night. The Classic has all the features as the Original Dual or Single Valve Pillow with the added comfort of a luxurious double-side padded cover and a "classic" pillow shape. The Single Valve pillow is great for side and stomach sleepers. The Dual Valve pillow is great for back and side sleepers. The Dual Valve Pillow configuration has two zones of adjustability and allows you to independently adjust the neck support cells from the overall comfort cells. Zone One gently conforms to the head while Zone Two gives you complete control of cervical support. Sleepmatterzzz Pillows make a great gift for anyone who has neck pain or trouble sleeping. Also a great present for people who travel!

FEATURES: * Shape Fitting Technology adapts to any size or shape
* Adjusts automatically as sleeping positions change
* ROHO® Shape Fitting Technology®
* Continuous customized support from the active cushion of dynamic comfort cells
* Ideal cervical spine support for a perfect night’s sleep
* Clinically proven to maintain blood flow
* Lightweight, durable pillow can be deflated for travel
* Soft, double-sided, cotton stretch velour cover is machine washable
* Easy twist-to-open valve allows for an adjustable, customized fit
* Hand Pump Included
* 3 Year Limited Warranty

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